We Make It Easy For You…

There are lots of good reasons to go with MyClinic for your healthcare needs. Whether you are physically active, not feeling well, healthy but starting a new routine, think you may be pregnant, planning to travel or even just starting a new job, come in to MyClinic and get a check up!


Physical Checkups Never Felt So Good

Not only will a check up serve as a baseline to your new fitness program progress, but a regular exam can help your doctor to spot and alert you to any conditions you might not know about, or just clear you for a new activity!

We do all sorts of health and wellness exams at MyClinic. Whether you need a medical clearance for Sports or Employment, hearing or vision testing, a wellness exam, or if you’re concerned about a specific condition like diabetes or high blood pressure, we are prepared to check everything from head to toe!

MyClinic saves you lots of time in driving to different locations to get tested, with our in-house lab, results are provided almost immediately and you’ll be on your way in no time. We make it easy for you and your family to receive quality healthcare right when you need us at an affordable rate you can live with!